End of the Ride: Travis Kalanick Is Done as Uber CEO

Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down this week from his position in response to pressure from the company’s top investors. This is the latest in a string of less than favorable happenings for the colossal ride-sharing service. Last month, Uber autonomous-division executive Anthony Levandowski was terminated amid a lawsuit over allegations the former […]

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2017 Chevrolet Trax: An In-Depth Look at Chevy’s Smallest SUV

The crossover market has been flooded by a wave of subcompact SUVs, some of which pack an outsize personality into a small package. Not the Chevrolet Trax. Chevy’s littlest utility vehicle has bland styling and a lackluster engine, making it a middle-of-the-road choice among more interesting competitors. The Trax is worth considering given its solid […]

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2019 Volkswagen Jetta: A Betta Jetta

What It Is: After more than a half-dozen years on the market, Volkswagen’s sixth-generation Jetta is finally getting a well-deserved redesign. Although today’s Jetta has improved with age thanks to running changes such as an independent rear suspension, a wider availability of desirable infotainment features, and a host of powertrain improvements, Volkswagen’s compact sedan has […]

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